Julie Anguera, Trauma Touch Therapy, Myofascial Release

follow link Julie Anguera earned a BS in Sociology & Public Justice and worked in the field of human services for many years prior to becoming a bodyworker. It was during that time that she felt the need to further explore additional avenues of helping others. Drawing from her personal experience with body-centered therapies and a strong belief in the importance of incorporating the body into the healing process, Julie began her journey into the field of bodywork with the specific intention of working in trauma recovery. She studied at the Swedish Institute in Manhattan where she graduated with a degree in Occupational Sciences and license to practice Massage Therapy. From there she went on to obtain a certification in Trauma Touch Therapy at the School Of Healing Arts in Denver, Colorado. Julie has worked in a wide variety of settings including yoga and wellness centers, spas, chiropractic office, private practice and has also volunteered her services at an LGBT healthcare center. Julie believes that through her work in Trauma Touch Therapy she has been most effective in helping individuals integrate mind, body and soul by bringing awareness to and facilitating exploration of the body. She also encourages psychotherapy as an (optional) accompaniment to her modalities.

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