We’re a group of psychotherapists and holistic healers who believe that true mental, emotional, and spiritual health can only be attained with purposeful attention to the body as well as the mind.
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Almost all of us experience trauma at some point during our lives: death of a loved one, an abusive or destructive relationship, being bullied as a kid, physical/sexual assault, or a car accident are a few examples of life events that may qualify as traumatic. Trauma Touch Therapy is a hands-on approach that helps those affected by trauma to heal both physically and emotionally.

As a supplement to psychotherapy, it helps patients to remain present in their bodies and experiences rather than utilizing defense mechanisms like dissociation to “check-out” of certain moments. During the treatment, you will often be asked for your permission to be touched in particular ways and/or areas of your body to ensure that you remain comfortable at all times. Treatment does not look exactly the same for each person as every session is tailored to the individual, their specific set of trauma, and personal comfort level in a given moment

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